About Us


Named after the street of her childhood home in New Zealand, Two Dawson is a high quality Linen Bedding and Loungewear company founded founded in 2017 by Jennifer Hanna. Now based with her small team in New Hampshire far from her roots, she's on a mission to cultivate creativity through celebrating the freedom of what it means to be home for each of us, wherever we are.

As an independent brand focused on fine detailed production of timeless pieces that encompass comfort, transitional wear, and confidence, Two Dawson simultaneously aims to celebrate the vision of artists and artisans that nurture these ideas.

The pulse of the brand lies in celebrating storytelling, through moments, and without boundaries. Imperfections are embraced. At Two Dawson, we value collaboration and are here to celebrate our differences. We Team up with our favorite photographers, stylists, and creatives. We let them choose their favorite pieces and give them the freedom to tell their own stories, their own way. With worldwide shipping, we encourage the incredible perspectives of creators across the globe.

As our business grows, we are committed to evolving into a more sustainable and ethical company. We believe it is imperative to consider our footprint for generations to come and are doing our best to be a conscious brand, for a conscious consumer which is why we produce ethically.


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