We are constantly in awe of the way Kate Sears captures the feeling of a moment; whether it be the calm of a kitchen glowing in summer light, or the palpable sensation of the icy breeze in a winter scene, the result is always pure artistry. Her work is extensive and diverse, from striking interiors and still life photography, to mouthwatering dishes and sweet portraits of her family. We are lucky to have had Sears on the blog before and love the way she finds new ways to capture our linens interacting with varying landscapes. Sears took these poetic images outside her home in Upstate New York, alive with the cool energy of winter.

- Coco - 

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

inquisitive, determined (stubborn?), adaptable

Where is home for you?

I wish I knew! For years I said "the Cape". But these days I feel pulled in a few different places- with never enough time to spend in any one. We're mostly between Kingston and Brooklyn with longings for Maine. I'm hoping that a feeling will strike me one day, as Falmouth, on the Cape, struck my mother when she first visited. She knew that she would one day put down roots there.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Oh, that's such a hard question and probably easier for anyone else but me to answer!  Its a constant work in progress.  Lately I have been out of the studio more and taking advantage of the urban (or in this case, natural) landscape.  The work is more spontaneous than I'm accustomed to and that has been freeing in many ways.

Color or black and white?


When did you first pick up a camera?

My grandfather passed away when I was in middle school.  Somehow his polaroid camera, 35mm Canon and two pianos ended up at our house.  Several years of piano lessons followed but when I took my first photography class in high school, it stuck.


What inspires you? Is there a particular subject you enjoy shooting most? 

I'm really enjoying shooting interiors these days. It's still a relatively new subject for me compared to the time I have spent shooting food and still-life. Some spaces are just handed to you, perfectly styled, with just the right side light coming in through the window. Other spaces you really have to work to find the shot. I like that process. It can be challenging but the work becomes much more personal. It often becomes about the details and this allows me to incorporate my love for still-life as well.  

What advice would you offer to your younger self?

Quit making excuses.

What are you dreaming of?

Longer days.

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