Photographer by both passion and trade, Pernille Loof's work is sheer eye candy.  Her Nordic background informs her art, resulting in images that are both crisp and elegant. Her minimalist aesthetic highlights texture, color and shadow across a wide range of subject matter: lifestyle, interior, architecture and portraiture. Loof’s instagram is a collection of both her professional and personal photography, from beautifully composed still life scenes to candid images alive with affection and warmth between her and her family.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Oh my, three words…. Mother, wife, friend.  

How did you find photography? How has it evolved for you?

I have always been a visual person and after working as a photo editor after grad school , the leap into photography was a natural path.


What is your creative process like?

My inspiration comes from a variety of places. Conversations with family, friends, art, architecture and travels. NY is such a kaleidoscopic experience, blasting your senses at all times. You take that inspiration and add the manual work process, building your story board,  adding a lighting concept, putting together a team, executing your photo shoot.

Where is home for you?

 NYC and Upstate NY. Summer in my native Denmark



What advice would you offer to your younger self?  

Follow you intuition.

What are you dreaming of?

Great work opportunities, collaborating with interesting, visionary people.

Products shown: Pale Grey Linen Duvet Cover, Linen Pillow Cases, Linen robe in Chalk
















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