Hi, please introduce yourself..

I am a stylist for props and interiors, based in Vermont by way of the California coast and the southwest of France.  In addition to styling we also run monthly workshops aimed at creating your ultimate retreat.

Where do you live? 

Spear Street, Burlington, Vermont

How did you become a stylist?  

In a long roundabout way, but its something that has been a natural evolution for me & that has taken shape organically over time.  I have an educational background in studio art & continued education in interior design.  I worked as a textile designer for a number of years & began styling on the side, but it became my sole focus 5 years ago.

Have you always lived in Burlington?

No, I grew up on the Long Island sound but went to boarding school & college in Vermont.  I left for 8 years or so - spending time in Australia, & living in both Southern California & Biarritz France.  Near the ocean or in the mountains is where I have always felt most at home - Vermont has always had my heart though - no matter where I’ve gone I always seem to find my way back here.

What do love the most about Vermont?  

The mountains, the wide open spaces, the air & nature out your back door - we’re always outside - regardless of the temperature or weather - hiking, snowboarding, or on the lake.

Who do you live with?

My fiancé, Dave & 3 year old daughter, Hudson

How long have you lived there?

We bought a mid-century modern house 3 1/2 years ago & have been slowly fixing it up.  My fiancé is a creative director by day & an amazing wood worker by night & has done such an amazing job.

Favorite places to hang out in the summer?  

Oh there are so many!  Secret beaches along the lake collecting driftwood, my families boat,  the farmers market & vintage shops, the mountains hiking,  in my garden,  & adventures to the old city in Montreal

What do you want people to take away from your work?

That there can be so much beauty in simplicity - and there is so much we can do to simplify our lives and make choices that support a healthy mind, body, home, & planet. 

Most inspiring women's biography?  

For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by & drawn to the work & life of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Her eye for seeing the natural world we live in differently- the simplified shapes that create an abstraction of nature - they are truly so beautiful to me. 

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