Martin Bourne and Patricia Heal come together in upstate New York


{two tone duvet cover in chalk/white}



The talented Martin Bourne naturally elevates any space with his innate eye for timeless design. According to Bourne’s agency Apostrophe, “as a stylist, Martin is interested in the personality of space and likes to create layered interiors with a nod to history and a wink to the quirky.” Though he originally hails from London’s east end, Bourne has taken to exploring the world, collecting treasures from a range of places. Recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bourne has been collaborating with those near to his beautiful home in Upstate New York, such as our mutual friend photographer, Patricia Heal.  It's no surprise that companies like Architectural Digest, Calvin Klein, Herman Miller, Mathew Stewart Living and Bon Appetit (to name a few) have looked to Bourne to style for them.


{Bed Cover in Ochre}


During quarantine, how have you been spending your time? Have you found ways to stay creative? 

I am very much a doer and so even when I am wanting to reflect, my hands are usually busy. My garden has been overjoyed by the extra hours I have had to plant, prune and weed  - and this year there are twiggy obelisks built for my heirloom tomato plants and favorite seeds grown.


{chalk linen pillow cases}, {chalk fitted sheet}


Do you think there will be any lasting shifts in our culture following the recent events?

I really really hope so - its incredible when I talk to so many friends and colleagues and find that we have all been able to reset and think what’s truly important and how simple things can be fulfilling. Hopefully too its allowed a lot of people to see the injustice in the world when not wrapped up in our normal high speed day to day.



What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Quirky. Brave. Lateral.

What is your creative process like?

There is a lot of thinking and a nagging desire to get the balance right, to find the spark.

Where is home for you?

Home is very important to me but I have discovered that even though I like to make and create beautiful spaces, home has been many places and probably will be few more in the future  - the smallest thing can make a place your home whether it be a loved textile, the sounds of your neighborhood, the scent of the grass or the taste of a familiar meal.


 {two tone duvet cover in chalk/white}{chalk linen pillow cases}


What inspires you?


What advice would you offer to your younger self?

Speak less and listen more - there is power in being a listener.



What are you dreaming of?

Building a greenhouse and making a vegetable garden worthy of my Grandad.





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