She is authentic in everything she does, Stylist and Art Director by trade, Kendra brings creativity, spontaneity and love to her work and home, which you can catch glimpses of, along with her adventures - a solo parent month long road trip with her three children - impressive!! on instagram @kendrasmoot


He is her partner in crime, both in work and play. They met in high school and now three children later, they are a formidable pair in the workplace. Seth’s compelling photography, is all about capturing moments whether its interiors or portraits.

The Children

Stella is 11, she loves to read, has never met a dog she didn't like and can play piano by ear.

Imogen is 6, she crawls into our bed in the morning for warm snuggles, is a savant in the garden and ferociously believes in fairies.

Truman is 3, he became obsessed with ghosts last Halloween and his curiosity hasn't waned, he builds impressive structures with blocks or anything he can find and he adores his sisters!

Kendra recently co-produced a workshop with Neve and Hawk "The Growing Your Garden: Planting seeds to Transplant". I have totally embraced growing and harvesting our own vegetables and its now that time of year, so I was curious .....

Where did you get your seeds from?

I picked them up from Rare Seeds they have a really impressive selection of over 1800 varieties of heirloom and rare seeds. The website is great but if you are ever in Northern California a visit to their physical store, housed in a beautiful old bank in Petaluma is a must.

What type of seeds did you get?

I made sure there were a lot of tomatoes, beans, and squash because those grow really well in almost any garden. Since we were planting seeds I focused on getting rare varieties, the kind that wouldn’t be available in the nurseries in a few months.

Favorite thing about having a garden?

I like having an excuse to spend the time outside and watching it grow and change day by day. I love watching my kids get excited about when things ripen and picking things out of the garden for their school lunches or dinner.

Who does the watering?

We should really set it up on a drip system but I love to hand water! I’m also interested in the CORE garden method which would be smart in our drought prone area.

Favorite meal from the garden?

We had an overabundance of zucchini last year and we were running out of ideas when we made a super simple soup - just sauteed onion and zucchini and broth and some herbs. Sometimes we eat it like that, sometimes pureed with a little cream.

And lastly favorite family vacation?

We all love packing up our camper van for weekend trips to the beach or mountains.

photos by Seth Smoot


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