photography by Taea Thale


By chance or perhaps destiny, some of us find what feels to be our perfect match. The union between Barbara Di Creddo and husband Mihaly Martins feels nothing short of star-crossed. Not only are Creddo and Martins some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever lay eyes on, they’re also an incredibly successful and creative duo; Martins is a talented artist, working on a range of forms – from canvas and paper to the sides of trucks and buildings, and the couple are globally recognized models. The chemistry and affection between the two is palpable in the photos they took with our Two-Dawson linens. With so much playfulness and tenderness, one might not be surprised to discover that they got married on the very same day that their baby Mika was born. Needless to say, these two share a love that is infectious, heartwarming and inspiring.

- Coco -


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