With a background in fine art focused on installation work, Lexi has taken her creative visual practice and translated it into a career in interior design and photography. For the past seven years she has worked alongside interior designers and brands to create images of space and objects. Beginning in 2015, Lexi's work became aligned with Leanne Ford Interiors. For the next two years her work continued as Leanne's primary design assistant, stylist and creative director for the HGTV show Restored by the Fords. During this time Lexi documented the homes renovated for the show while continuing additional work as a freelance photographer and designer. She possess the innate ability to capture a space in such a way that is both clean and minimalist and yet simultaneously warm and inviting. Other clients include Little Koorboose, Midland Architecture, North45, Beauty Shoppe, Mello and Sons, Pittsburgh Mercantile and Oatmeal Shop.  This year Lexi decided to launch a design firm alongside colleague and partner, Morgan Stewart. The firm, Studio Lithe, provides services in interior design, photography and branding.


 {linen robe in desert rose}

How did you find photography? How has it evolved for you?

I've been shooting photographs since high school, I've always enjoyed the practice. I went to undergrad for fine art with a concentration in drawing and affinity for installation work. I didn't really intend to be a photographer, but found it was a good way to develop connections and make money (as an art who didn't want to make art while working 500 other jobs I knew I had to figure out a way to monetize what I enjoyed doing). After a few twists and turns my interest in installation work translated into a career in designing and shooting interiors. 



What is your creative process like? 

Lots of visualizing. When working on design for a space I find myself staring blankly ahead, sometimes it feels like I'm not doing anything productive. I think what's actually happening is that I'm imagining in detail all the finishes pieces, picturing the final shot. From there it's working backwards to put all the pieces in place in order to accomplish that final product. I always joke, too, that my first apartment was designed in the middle of the night. When I have a big project happening that I'm excited about I have a hard time sleeping (re: ever-thinking). Creative ideas seem to be more prominent in the middle of the night.




Where is home for you?

Pittsburgh, PA. It's a great city - very accessible, a great creative community, lots of green space. 

What inspires you?

Most of the time fine art. Museums. Weird materials and textures. Conversations with other creative people. 

What are you dreaming of? 

International projects, upcoming design projects and new studio work (I've recently left a full-time job with a good friend, Morgan Stewart, and we're starting our own design firm! Studio Lithe - we're nervous / excited, future prospects look bright).


 Products shown: {linen duvet cover in pale grey with pink piping} {white pillow cases}

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