Ally Walsh is our all-time girl crush! There is a graceful ease about her, qualities that seem to flow naturally into everything she does. Whether it be modeling or working with her partner Casey Wojtakewicz  on their company Canyon Coffee.  Ally is always sharing the beauty of simplicity and the ephemeral magic of the everyday. A perfect example of this are travel guides that her and Casey have thoughtfully compiled, generously including all the gems that they have visited around the world. Ally’s instagram is like a portal into a world of sun-kissed inspiration, igniting in us a desire for a thoughtful morning spent with loved ones (and coffee)! Check out Canyon Coffee for delicious organic coffee, grown with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

What three words would you use to describe yourself? 

Curious, honest, spontaneous 

How have your travels informed your work? 

I think travel is our greatest source of inspiration. Being immersed in other cultures, hearing other languages, seeing other ways of living daily life... all of these things present opportunities to get outside of our own perspective and take note of how we see the world. I think those moments really create space to have new ideas. 

With regard to coffee, travel is what's behind it all. Traveling through new cities and seeking out local roasters and beautiful, warm, inviting spaces is what got us going in the coffee world. We were inspired by coffee culture, and at some point it culminated in us becoming a contributor!

What is the process of collaboration like between you and Casey? 

Over time, we've developed into our respective roles in the company based on our strengths and weaknesses. We both are ideas / expander-type people, but we also play the "get-practical" role for each other when it comes to vetting out which ideas are good. Collaboration isn't always easy but when we work as a team to make decisions we end up making the right choices. 

When we boil down our roles, I'm the Creative Director and Casey's the CEO. 

Where is home for you? 

Echo Park, Los Angeles, California 

When did you first discover your passion for coffee? 

I have always loved coffee, from early memories of walking down the stairs in to the smell of my mom brewing her first cup of the day! But it really turned up after Casey and I started dating. We were apart often for work in the early days, and our mutual passion for coffee is something that developed through that time. We'd both find local roasters on our travels and send bags home for each other to enjoy, and then we really grew to cherish actually being home together and the times we were able to treat each other to a delicious handmade cup!

What inspires you? 

Traveling, spending time alone and nature.

What advice would you offer to your younger self? 

Don't fixate on the "problems" of daily life, they'll mean so little to you in the future. Keep focused on all the positive, good things going for you every day, and do your best to be grateful for them!

What are you dreaming of? 

Bhutan! It's on my bucket list to visit now. Maybe next year? :)

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