photography by Lauren Loncar 

Katelyn Mooney stands out in the world of Fashion Advertising; effortlessly capturing the mood of any given brand while maintaining the integrity of her craft. Her images are ones that inspire wonder, often through seemingly candid gestures, vibrant colors or whimsical props. Although maintaining a full time job as the photo art director for Free People, Katelyn takes on many other projects which are diverse and consistently eye catching.  Mooney’s portraits of children are particularly special, inviting us into a world of unstifled imagination and creativity. 

What three words would you use to describe yourself? 

High energy, creative, and empowering 

Where did you get your start? 

I actually got my start in design where I studied at Parsons. The trajectory there was a very strong one with a fun process from design to creative director. 



What is your creative process like? 

It always starts and ends with music. From there it’s everything from to post production. I love every step starting with concepting ideas out of hearing a sound and moving on to casting/creating/ and editing. I love editing and bringing creative minds together. 


What work are you most proud of? 

I just wrapped up a drag wrestling shoot for Victory Journal and the context behind it was so inspiring from men transforming into woman.

Where is home for you? 

NYC always and forever. It’s been a wonderful and wild ride here so far.

What inspires you?  

Music and friends who are in the creative field. I love listening how other minds work and the processes that they go thru.

What advice would you offer to your younger self? 

Don’t second guess yourself and take risks. It’s really important to have confidence and stand up for what you believe in while embracing your passions.

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