Jordan Tiberio’s must be one of the most imaginative artists’ of her generation. Her work feels almost psychedelic, most often featuring powerful women in a fairytale-like settings; balancing strength and grace. Tiberio describes her work as “The Odd in the Ordinary— where mundane, every day objects come to life in beautiful displays of light and color.” There is a sense of freedom and playfulness in her images, which are often manipulated through freezing, reflection or intentional destruction. We were so excited to see these beautiful, raw images she took in nature with Madeline featuring our Indigo Linen duvet.

Products shown:  {Indigo Linen Duvet}

What three words would you use to describe yourself? 

Odd in-the Ordinary ;)

How did you find photography and editing? How has it evolved for you? 

I fell into photography when I was 15 years old, but art was always a big part of my life since I was a child. Photography always seemed to be the best fit for me after I spent enough time with the camera experimenting. I studied it in college at The Fashion Institute of Technology, and most of my practice today was structured when I was still in school, and then afterwards when I assisted a photographer. I would say it has evolved in the sense that I have become more critical of what I photograph, how, and why I do so than when I was a teenager.



What is your creative process like? 

 I’m a big fan of mood boards, and have been collecting various types of imagery since I was in high school that I love sifting through. I collect old LIFE Magazines and photography text books (pre-Photoshop Era books), that always trigger new ideas. Living in NYC, there are plenty of galleries and museums with fantastic collections that I love to frequent. I am also very observant, and am constantly looking at the world around me, wherever I am going. I can get inspired by something as simple as a grocery store flyer stuck to the side walk, or a piece of produce in the grocery store. My mind is a weird place!

 Where is home for you? 

 It may be a cliche or literal answer, but it truly is where my family is. And that is in Rochester, NY!


What inspires you?  

A good ole’ trip to the antique store, the many strange items that can be found in Brooklyn 99 cent stores, traveling, nature, vernacular photography, Renaissance/ Rococo paintings, and Dadaism— to keep the list short!

What advice would you offer to your younger self? 

Take your time, there is no need to rush. You will get where you want and need to be in time. Comparison only hurts. Believe in the path you’re on and be gentle with yourself. You’re going to do it.

What are you dreaming of? 

 I’ve never really had to money to travel out of the country, but after a few years of working awfully hard, I finally have some saved up to allow for myself to make a trip (or two!) out of the U.S. I am dreaming of going to Japan and Europe during 2020 and making some work there, and experiencing places far different from my norm. I have also been thinking quite often of building my fine art work up more, and keeping more to myself than sharing immediately on social media. 


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