photography by Michael Scanlon @Michael_Scanlon_

Michael photographed his story for us over the weekend. It was immediately obvious that he has an immense passion for anything and everything creative. So its no surprise that he is the Creative Director for the design studio, Chandelier Creative. He works out of the New York offices in soho overseeing both print and motion work. In addition to this he DJ’s around the city at establishments like Better Days in lower Manhattan and Troost in Brooklyn. On top of all this he still has time to make short films!! – check out the link below and see “Seasons”

You live in Brooklyn, what do you love about it?

Time stands still.

Its clear you love music! What was the first album that made an impact on you?

There are two and I can't tell which came first because I was so young...TLC's CrazySexyCool. From the stark red artwork to the druggy interludes to seeing Prince's credits on "If I Was Your Girlfriend", owning this CD was such a multi-sensory experience. It was confrontational, it was sexy, it was political. At 7 years old, I honestly knew I didn't understand everything it was about, but I could feel that it was something that did not exist before it did.

Also Mary J. Blige's My Life, which was her second album. I remember the day my mom brought it home from the music store and how it became the soundtrack to so many of our family drives. I think it's the first art that my mom and I really got into together; it's almost entirely built on 70's soul and jazz samples from Roy Ayers, Barry White and Curtis Mayfield (her) but recontextualized through New York hip-hop (me). The vibes are incredible; so much style and sorrow. Mary is heartbroken in so many of the songs yet has this insanely tough growl, you feel like she's been to hell but is on her way home.

Favourite albums of all time?

Gears by Johnny Hammond for listening
My Life by Mary J. Blige for singing
Playing Piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto for living

Favorite place to go for music?

My favorite record stores in order from yeah right to most likely:
Rare Groove in Osaka
Lighthouse in Tokyo
Gramaphone in Chicago
Preserved Instincts in the Catskills
A1 in the East Village

What sound/song do you wake up to – on iphone?

"Reversing" by Riyuchi Sakamoto

And lastly favorite bedding?

The chalk linen. So creamy, so smooth, like whipped putty.


{chalk linen fitted sheet} {chalk linen pillow case}
{chalk linen fitted sheet}
{chalk linen duvet}
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