Hilary Walsh is a true creative. She is constantly sharing with the world her idiosyncratic vision of beauty, through dynamic and utterly striking photographs. Walsh is one who seems bound to no one genre, from fashion photography like her romantic, sun-kissed shots for Dôen, to her black and white “Vessel-Series”, depicting intimate landscapes of female bodies. And yet, all her work seems seamlessly tied together through an embrace of imperfection and authenticity. Moments of life’s transitory, human, magnificence. When Walsh was inspired to shoot our Two-Dawson linens with talented photo-stylist and art director Dane Holweger, (along with his beautiful children Ziggy and Nola as the models) we couldn't wait to see what kind of magic they would create. The collaboration is awe-inspiring. Photos that are comparable to still-life paintings, serene and yet animated by the rich and vivid colors of life. 

- Coco -

What three words would you use to describe yourself? 

Skeptical, pragmatic, loyal

Where is home for you? 

Split between Norcal and Socal.  California at large.

When did you first pick up a camera? 

In High School.

What inspires you? Is there a particular subject you enjoy shooting most? 

Human forms.  

You often shoot with film, is that your preferred form? 

Yes, there is still romance with film.

You have the best style. Do you feel that your creativity is expressed through your aesthetic/style choices?  

Yes and no.  Less and less as I get older.  I prefer to have more of a uniform so I can feel like myself and uncluttered, and therefore express creativity in other ways.

Do you have other creative outlets? 

yes.  Textiles, ceramics, and mixed media collage.  In fact I prefer to use a photograph to inspire me through other mediums.

What advice would you offer to your younger self? 

Always trust your instincts, and keep learning at all stages.

What are you dreaming of? 

Having more free time to spend in nature and in my studio experimenting.


Products shown:  Blush duvet, Pale Grey Duvet Desert Rose Pillow Slip, Pale Grey Pillow Slip


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