Garey Quinn is a young and talented newcomer to Brooklyn, New York, making his way as a promising photographer. Quinn’s photos are thoughtfully curated, sensual and sharp with contrast. We love the photos he shot of our Two Dawson robes on film while in Joshua Tree, California. The images are earthy and imbued with a palpable sense of desert breezes and summer heat. 

You just moved to NYC, what has that adjustment been like? 

Thankfully a pretty smooth one. I was fortunate to know a handful of great people already here, and have met many more since. I could have never imagined some of the things that I've gotten to be a part of.

Where did you shoot these beautiful images? 

We shot these in Joshua Tree National Park early in the morning after camping the night before.

What first drew you to photography? 

I've had some sort of video camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. In high school that naturally turned into a joy for making films. After my film buddies and I went our separate ways I got hooked on shooting stills. You don't need much of a crew to make still photographs.  

What is your favorite thing to shoot? 

Lately, my friends, doing whatever it is they are doing in that moment. I guess you call that environmental portraits. 


What inspires you most? 

People that do what they want, and don't let the lack of money, time, or any other circumstance get in the way. When you get to know these people and spend time with them it makes me realize the possibilities. 

Digital or film? 


Black & white or color? 

Black and White. I like to dip my foot in the color pond every once in a while though.

Products shown: {Linen Robe in Desert Sand}, {Short Indigo Linen Robe}. {Long Linen Robe in Indigo}

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