With Photographer Brie Williams in her adopted home, Jamaica



A self described ‘gypsy at heart’, Brie Williams’ work possesses a natural sense of ease and playfulness. Perhaps this is because her craft seems to light her up with joy, or perhaps it is because her shoots are often set in Jamaica. Brie was born in Memphis and has since traveled the globe photographing for interiors, travel, food, editorial and commercial work. The images she took for us are powerful to say at the least, showcasing our Two Dawson linens in some of the most unique and striking ways. 


What drew you to Jamaica?

I read a quote once from an unknown source about the island and believe it’s complete perfection: “ Why does Jamaica vibrate so strongly? Maybe because we are an island crystal of limestone."

What is your creative process like? How has it evolved?

It's like this blend of images, colors, ideas, sensation, light taken with my eyes through the years and stored up in this crazy card catalog in my brain, and when its time to create I never feel like I am lacking, I pull from it.  Over the years confidence has made it truly evolve.


Where is home for you?

My physical residence is North Carolina,  my home is Jamaica.

What inspires you?

Life is short and the road very long, everyday is a gift — all the possibilities are what inspires me, things that could be.  Hope is a good word.

What advice would you offer to your younger self?

Feeling vulnerable, anxious, lack of control are real emotions not to be feared  feel them, experience them and then let them go.


What are you dreaming of?  

Boarding a plane,  my window seat, a glass of chardonnay to somewhere I've never been.

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