A visit with best friends and creatives Kim Ficaro and Nicole Fasolino




Kim and Nicole are both creatives bound by no limits, each with a passion for styling and design. They have both created various outlets for their talents. Kim, in addition to her beautiful interior styling work, founded Totem Home, a gorgeous collection of curated handmade objects from Morocco and Oaxaca, while Nicole, mother of two adorable children, art directs and styles for Girls Who Dress Boys and co founded the social activist movement The Future is Female.  It was wonderful to collaborate with these two amazing women.




How and when did you meet?

We’ve actually known one another since high school, when we instantaneously connected. After our childhood we didn’t find one another again until about 10 years ago, but again, we instantaneously connected and have been like sisters ever since.

You are both multidisciplinary creatives, can you elaborate, and how one creative area feeds the other.

It’s interesting, we have learned so much from each other and how the other works (Kim with spaces & interiors, Nicole with clothing), our different lenses continue to feed and teach the other. The commonality is how we both inject life into our work and in turn into our lives. Creating is a full circle view of the world around us.





The images are beautiful, what was your inspiration?

A gray, warm summer day.

What are you most passionate about?

KIM: I’m passionate about finding possibilities and exploring unseen spaces and allowing magic to unfold. Connecting to nature, to myself and to others.

NICOLE: Love. It all starts with love for me, loving people, places, earth, work, things all around me. Giving it, taking it, teaching it and guiding my children with it.



You are both avid travelers and have traveled together, what's your favorite trip/place together and what's the trip you are each dreaming of now.

We’ve been all around the world together, with Luca (Nicole’s son/Kim’s godson) by our side. The one trip that always makes us all laugh and smile and will forever have a million memories from is our first adventure together in Tulum back in 2012.

KIM:  The countryside in Italy with cooking and reading and swimming in the Mediterranean and just getting lost.

NICOLE: Honestly through COVID I was dreaming of an Italian getaway too, but right now I’m so content just being at home. Sitting still, finding peace in as the light moves through my magical house.



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You created this story at Nicole's home in Southold, what was the inspiration for the home?

This home is all about welcoming others into our little world. It’s a small, simple/simply decorated, nature inspired house with a big kitchen, lots of beds, on the water with magical outdoor space. The idea is you come for lunch & a boat ride, you stay for the month.

Where is home for you?

KIM: Originally from New York but currently between Malibu and NYC. Home will always be NYC though.

NICOLE: NYC but I’ve been spending most of COVID doing a back and forth to my house out east in Southold.

Three words to describe yourself.

KIM ABOUT NICOLE:  passionate, lover, warrior

NICOLE ABOUT KIM:  Kim is powerful, generous, awake



What advice would you give your younger self?

KIM: You can set boundaries with others and feel more connected to yourself and others, be in nature more. Don’t wait for the right timing, go for every dream, allow the mistakes to show you the possibilities.  Save some money every month. Dance all the time and live outside of all boxes

NICOLE: take it slow, ask millions of questions, listen, walk away from those who don’t hear or see you, stay true, stay focused, don’t let others darken your light and no matter what, keep your heart open.

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