A Linen & Flora Story with Photographer Kate Jordan & Interior Stylist Brittany Albert



Kate and Britt are a couple of our favorite creatives, a photographer and interior and prop stylist, with endless passion for their work.

With Kate's magic touch with light, (her visual story telling developed through her previous years as a prop stylist and set designer) and Britt's stunning countryside retreat in northern Connecticut we couldn't be more inspired by the beautiful linen and floral story they created with our linen.  

When and how did you meet?

Britt: instagram!

Kate: haha, yep, met on the internet like everyone else these days!

Where is Home?

Brooklyn and Litchfield county for Britt and Westchester county for Kate.



You are both creatives, can you elaborate, and how one creative area feeds the other.

Kate: I spent over a decade as a prop and interior stylist before making the pivot to being directly behind the camera. I honestly can’t imagine any other “job” for myself—I love the creative hive mind that happens on set, but also how an idea grows and improves once everyone’s working together. The collaborative element of it all is really what gets me so good.

Britt: The collaboration between photographer and stylist is so important and we're great creative partners! probably has a lot to do with the libra energy we both bring :) (see below)

The images are beautiful, what was your inspiration and where do you generally look for inspiration?

Britt: We paired two dawson linens with seasonal early summer florals (many of which were foraged roadside and around Britt's CT house)

Kate: all Britt’s idea! She pulled it all together so beautifully.

What are you most passionate about?

Kate: My family, my friends, light; but always my relationship with all those things. how they can all influence each other and myself; how bettering my relationship with them makes me learn and grow.

Britt: Creating beauty, not just as part of my job but also for my family and friends. travel and finding beautiful inspiration, and my golden retriever Kona :)

You created this story at your home, Britt, in Connecticut, what was the inspiration for the home?

Britt: It's a farmhouse built in 1880 and has small rooms and small windows and can be on the darker side, but also makes for moments of magical light!

Kate: God, it’s so beautiful. Britt really made it incredible.

Three words to describe yourself.

Kate: perfectionist, night-owl, libra

Britt: also libra :) creative, dependable

Brittany about Kate: kind, fun, creative

Kate about Brittany: visionary, collaborative, generous

What advice would you give your younger self?  And what is the best piece of advice you’ve received and would like to impart with us?

Britt: be patient

Kate: always say yes. you never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll see, or what can become of it.

What are you dreaming of?

Kate: equal rights for all and serious, meaningful gun reform. and a nice little week away with my family.

Can you tell us what your favorite Two Dawson item is and why?

Britt: your linen bed covers. They are lightweight and so nice for summer (and can double as a tablecloth for outdoor dinners!)

Kate: honestly, i love what isn’t there, the flat sheet for your bed! it was rather revelatory to me to not include it, but so totally unnecessary to have it—and it makes laundry day so much easier!

 Product shown: Two Tone Duvet Cover, Cloudy Grey Pillow Cases, Chalk Pillow Cases, Chalk Fitted Sheet, Cloud Grey Fitted Sheet, Khaki Duvet Cover.

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