Linen Pillow Case - Burnt Rose

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A Color Collaboration with Maria of Tintoreria Project.

When art and activism collide, the effect can be incredibly powerful. Not only has Maria Romero made a commitment to creating beautiful textiles, she is also helping our planet in the process. Romero founded Tintoreria, an initiative to reduce mass consumption by recycling and dyeing textiles with natural dyes from everything to avocado pits and onion skins to flowers and turmeric. The result is not only rich in color, but in method, reconnecting us to the elements of the earth.  

The pillow cases were dyed with madder.  Madder is one of the oldest and most frequently used traditional dyestuffs know to man.  It has extensive history in Turkey, India and Iran where it is still being used for dyeing knotted and woven carpets

As they are hand dyed, there will always be imperfections, imperfectly perfect, slight dye faults, but still the same feel that only gets softer with each wash.

All Pillow Cases are sold in pairs

 Envelope enclosure

Product Details

  • 100% linen
  • Color: Burnt Rose
  • Sizes: Standard (20 x 26")
  • Made with love in India and USA
  • Recommended Care: Machine wash in cold water
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